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   How the ladder works
   Posted Jan-16-2011 by Christian
Once you have your team sorted you can assign to each of your players a "Member Rights" to help with the work on the team management part as follows:

Default is (Members) and the team creator of course will be the (leader).

* Leader: Can do everything.
* Co-Leader: Invite Kick and Manage Members Report Losses
* Captain: Make and Accept Challenges Report Losses
* Co-Captain: Report Losses
* Member: Reguler Member
* Training: Cannot play in matches.
* Inactive: Cannot play in matches.
* Suspended: Cannot play in matches.
* Retired: Retired from Play. Cannot play in matches.

Once you have that sorted then you can move to the challenge part and how to report match results. On this ladder there are no draws so there has to be a winner.

* Each match is played over 2 maps and the result is worked out over both

* To win you must win both or win one and tie the other

* To lose you must lose both or lose one and tie the other

* In case of a tie teams will have to play a golden cap on the current map they are on

To get a winner in case both teams had a draw on both maps or if they won 1 map each and the round difference ends equal (example: Team A badlands 3-2 TeamB granary 2-3 = 5-5) then a golden cap on the map they played last will take place with time limit 15 if time it’s up and noboy has won a round then the team that has mid point captured wins the match.

Now the team that lost has to report that loss first in other for the winning team to confirm and then the rankings will be updated.

To report the loss the leader or player assigned to do that task can juts log in then go to player manager>report a loss and then put the "Winners Report ID" if you don´t know the team ID of the winning team just go to the menu bar on top Data > Team List and you will find each team´s Report ID.

To confirm a win is also simple just log in then account manager > confirm a win then you will see the report from the losing team on that panel (as long they have reported first and that´s it once it´s done then the rankings will be updated.

The challenge part you just have to get to the ladder´s page on top menu Ladder > TF2 > TF2CSA 6v6 Open then above the table of team on the left you will see "Challenge" click on it and you will be able to challenge any team (as long as they are above you on the table).

Then follow the instructions on how to make the challenge and then an email will be sent to the challenged team to accept the challenge or not.

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